Simple Uncial Calligraphy

An easy calligraphy hand for beginners to master

This month has flown by with home-based projects keeping me busy but a couple of days ago I got back into my calligraphy studio to work on my lettering. This time I have chosen Simple Uncials to refresh and then expand. If you don’t know this calligraphy style it is a very old type of lettering which remains popular as Celtic Calligraphy. It is a good beginners hand as it has no Ascenders or Descenders and also no associated capital letters. In fact you can consider these letters as either capitals of lowercase – Majuscules or Minuscules in calligraphy terminology.

It is not difficult to learn the basics and then practise is the only way to improve your letters. I am have put the basic hand with the important information in the Calligraphy Class section and will follow up with some variations which you might enjoy when you feel confident.

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