Happy Easter to you all

I have just completed a set of Foundational Hand worksheets which you will find in the Calligraphy Class page and lots of beginners information which is on the Important Beginners Skills page. I have also put a step by step guide to line ruling, which many people have problems with, and I hope that I have made it simple enough for you to follow. If not then please let me know in the comments section.

Possibly the most important thing you learn as a beginner calligrapher is line ruling. It is impossible to create beautiful letters with a broad-edge, or pointed, nib if you don’t understand the importance of the balance between letter height and nib size. I’m concentrating on Broad-edge nib calligraphy at the moment and want to impress upon anyone who is starting to learn that you really do have to knuckle down and learn to rule your lines accurately and correctly proportioned for the nib size and the calligraphic style you want to learn.

The Foundational Hand which I have started with here is a good, basic and clear style of calligraphy. You might think it is a little boring and feel that you really want to move straight on to learn much more ‘fancy’ writing. But I would urge you to take the time – and we plenty of that at the moment – to really understand this one and build a strong foundation for moving forward. I will be making more Calligraphic Hands available to you over the coming weeks and months and, if you work your way through them, you will end up with a choice of different hands to use.

Books are very important for learning anything. There is a wide choice of calligraphy books available and often it is difficult to know from the titles, or cover images, just what you will be getting for your money. Luckily here in Australia we have a terrific resource, namely your local Library. Probably all local libraries are closed at the moment but have a look at your local library’s website and you will probably find that you can order the books that you want.

I suggest that you aim for a good all-round calligraphy manual and don’t go for the ‘Modern Calligraphy’ style of publication just yet. I will cover that type of pointed pen writing a bit later. Try looking for ‘Mastering Calligraphy’ by Gaye Godfrey Nicholls; Calligraphy Studio by Christopher Calderhead; Contemporary Calligraphy by Gillian Hazeldine or any other ‘how to’ style of calligraphy book. Or you could contact your local Calligraphy Society for suggestions.

That’s it for today – I’m off for a walk around the garden before it gets dark.

Enjoy your Easter chocolate.

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