A Calligraphy Journey

With our world changing so quickly and our boundaries shrinking, I thought it would be good to spend some time sharing my love of calligraphy with as many people as possible.

Calligraphy is not simply writing in a decorative style using a special pen, it is a form of communicating meaning and emotion through the use of pen, brush, colour and design in way which not only interprets the text but also allows a glimpse of the soul of the calligrapher.

As with any skill, learning calligraphy requires the student to observe carefully the skills of the teacher, and to observe in the ways in which the skilled practitioner uses the equipment to create each letterform. This makes it a difficult skill to learn from a book, although a good book written by a skilled calligrapher is something which every student should have in their library. To watch a letter being created in front of you, just using a pen, ink and paper, is both inspiring and enthralling. So within this blog I will be showing short video clips of calligraphic writing and I hope that this will help each of you enjoy your personal journey.

I will also be learning as I go on this journey. Writing and maintaining a blog is not going to be the same as preparing and teaching my calligraphy classes. And I’m sure to make quite a few mistakes along the way! But as we are all now experiencing such profound changes in our daily lives and not able to meet and work together as we are used to doing, this is going to be my way of coping with the ‘Social Distancing’ we now face.