Calligraphy has been my passion for over 20 years and I enjoy sharing my love of letters with those who attend my courses and workshops at the WEA , in Angas Street, Adelaide. Together with my students, we explore the beauty of both historic and modern, hand crafted, letter-forms. The tools I encourage my students to use are the traditional dip pens and ink, rather than fountain pen style calligraphy pens, as they give much better results and form a stronger bond with tradition of calligraphy.

I teach the traditional broad-edge nib calligraphy 'hands' such as Uncial, Foundational, Italic and Carolingian and I also teach pointed pen calligraphy, which includes Copperplate and Modern Calligraphy. There is plenty of choice in the courses I teach, ranging from one day Saturday workshops in Modern Calligraphy (which is now very popular for wedding invitations etc) through to 4 or 6 week courses for Beginners and Improvers in all the other calligraphic hands. Classes are run in both mornings and evenings.

If you are interested in learning calligraphy as a complete beginner, or if you already have some calligraphy skills and would like to learn a new hand or even continue to develop skills in a hand you have already learnt, please have a look at the WEA programme for my schedule for the coming months. The simplest way is to go to the website and search for “calligraphy”. Alternatively contact them directly for details of classes I have scheduled throughout the year.